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social media marketing.

getting your brand in front of your target audience across all your favourite platforms with content and campaigns that take advantage of each medium's reach.

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online customer service.

leveraging online resources such as email, social media, live chat, and messaging apps to address client questions, complaints, suggestions or any sort of concerns.

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online reputation management.

creating internet-based methods to shape or impact the public perception of a company or individual, responding to customer's feedback.

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email marketing.

creating a communication flow that will pique the interest of new audiences while keeping the ones who are already interested in what's coming next.

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sms marketing.

leveraging direct connection to current and potential customers sending messages that are certain to reach them on their mobile phones, no matter where they are.

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e-commerce website design.

building high-quality e-commerce websites tailored to each business unique needs focusing on usability and optimisation in order to maximise engagement and drive sales.

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e-commerce sales management.

managing the entire online commerce presence of a company and its sales fulfilling orders and providing a great client experience.

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other bespoke services.

custom business related solutions to suit any company needs... employee search support, booking systems setup and management, basic graphic design and other activities marketing related on-demand.

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